We save you time, money and headaches.

rVue makes it easy to plan, buy and execute Digital Location Video. Our proprietary technology analyzes networks and venues to identify your optimal media plan across over a million screens and 150 different networks. We provide you with a single point of contact and comprehensive service, from strategy and planning, to consolidated post-analysis and invoicing.


rVue simplifies the process of media planning, buying and delivery

The planning process ensures a smart strategy for using DLV. Our goal is to deliver the right message at the right moment, when the consumer is in the right mindset.

All we need is the same information used to brief other media. Then we determine the right location – what DMA, ZIP code, neighborhood, building, etc. Next we identify the optimal venues, ranging from gas stations and stadiums to doctor’s offices and campuses.

rVue’s technology makes execution fast and efficient – for advertisers, agencies and networks. Our broad view of the entire DLV market helps us understand the best choices and buying strategies available.

Creative Formatting
rVue’s platform automatically formats a single media file for all networks and venues. This technology saves you tremendous time and cost required in manually formatting ads to meet the specifications of different networks.

Clearance and Trafficking
rVue also automates the delivery and clearance of creative files directly to the networks.

Post Analysis
rVue ensures that everything ran according to plan and delivers a consolidated Proof of Play report for all networks – along with photos as required.

Finally, a single, consolidated invoice is generated that includes everything.