ONE contact, ONE media plan, ONE post-analysis report, ONE invoice.
The Digital Location Video market is comprised of diverse venues and screens adapted to fit their locations – making standardization difficult. Consider the format of a screen designed for a taxicab compared to one for an office lobby. Or the detailed specifications required to fit different gas pumps across the country.

It’s the unique locations and venues that enable us to engage consumers at a precise moment in time. It’s what makes DLV so effective. And it’s also what makes planning, buying and implementing DLV so difficult for advertisers.
For example, across our partner networks there are hundreds of combinations of different media file specifications and encoding choices. Fortunately rVue’s technology platform provides an automated way to convert files to meet all network specifications. There are also differences in pricing, distribution and post analysis reporting. At rVue we work to homogenize and standardize these inconsistencies to streamline the process, to enable smarter strategies, and deliver a global view of media plans and reporting.

rVue is also taking a leading role in working to establish standards and find common ways of operating across the industry. We formed the rVue Network Technology Council as a forum for our partner network technologists to collaborate and work toward building consistencies and standardization, while showcasing their unique capabilities.