coke_dancing_signEngage your customers in ways that were never before possible

Digital Location Video allows us to engage consumers with interaction, customization, and highly targeted, personalized messages. With the advent of new technologies, there is so much creative potential in this space. Today we are only just scratching the surface.

Digital Location Video can bring greater relevancy and immediacy to brand campaigns. For example, a digital campaign by Halls displays the actual pollen count in their ads at gas stations – an immediate point of sale for their cough drops.

britishairways_creativityThe British Airways campaign “Look Up!” became the most talked about campaign in London by integrating real-time flight data with a digital billboard message. Whenever a British Airway flight passes overhead, a video display of a child points up and correctly identifies the flight.

Another clever example employing the use of interactive screens is the SNCF campaign by TWBA Paris – “Europe, it’s just next door” – which quite simply allows people across European cities to interact via two-way video cameras.SNCF_interactive_screens

As more agencies and clients grasp the power and potential of highly targeted messages and the ability to customize and change them in real-time, Digital Location Video will take center stage as campaigns are designed exclusively to leverage its power.