Digital Location Video is WHERE-YOU-ARE media

Malls_Adspace_sm_cIt’s out there, where your consumer is… shopping, traveling, commuting… in airports, gas stations, freeways, doctor offices. Also known as DOOH – or digital out of home – Digital Location Video are networks of digital signage displays placed in a variety of different venues. Using these networks, advertisers can run their messages to target consumers in very specific locations, doing specific activities, at specific dates and times. It allows them to intercept consumers as they move through their day, even targeting those critical moments prior to purchase. The unique venues and recent technological advancements in digital signage offer creative opportunities to engage the consumers like never before. And since consumers today spend 70% of their day away from home, digital location video may be the most effective way to reach them.

Take the typical day in the life of a urban consumer…

Begin with a morning coffee at the drive through, a work out at the gym… catch the commuter train, walk to the office, stop at the grocery store, and end the day refueling gas on the drive home. Each point is a moment in the Gas Stations Outcast 1_sm_cconsumers’ day when they encounter digital signage. Since the advertiser knows where, when and what the consumer is doing as signs are intercepted, advertising messages can be highly targeted. And unlike television, they can’t be turned off.

Digital Location Video effectiveness on the path to purchase

taxi_cabDigital Location Video is a critical part of a media plan as it can deliver its message just prior to the consumer’s purchase decision. In a recent path to purchase study conducted by Nielsen, digital location video advertising was shown to be highly effective at influencing a consumer’s buying decision. The Nielsen study showed that 83% of health care club members visit a retail location at least once per week within two hours of their workout.

Digital Location Video industry growth

The industry is expanding at record rates as advertisers and agencies discover the effectiveness and capability to engage consumers that Digital Location Video offers. According to the DPAA, Digital Location Video ad revenue rose by 13% in 2013 versus the same period last year, far exceeding that of the overall U.S. ad industry, as well as that of such media categories as traditional out-of-home and television.