It’s those screens you see everywhere…Gas Stations Outcast 3_sm
With its mix of diverse locations and screens, the industry grew organically out of creative ideas and entrepreneurial spirit. Remember when the only thing to do in an elevator was to gaze at the floor? What a stroke of genius to put a digital screen on the elevator wall.

And who wouldn’t rather watch screen entertainment than see their dollars tally up on the gas pump? The Digital Location Video industry is rich with the ‘ah ha’ moments of entrepreneurs waiting impatiently in the doctor’s office, trekking through train stations, or standing in line at the check out.

Campuses-Campus-Nation-2_smToday there are over a million screens in the US – and growing. rVue partners with over 150 networks across 20 different venues.

Big Medium, Rich Diversity: how to harness its power?
rVue makes it easy to identify the venues that will drive your business. The key is to get the RIGHT MESSAGE at the RIGHT MOMENT when your target is in the RIGHT MINDSET.

As a guide, we’ve categorized your options into 20 types of venues:

Digital Billboards
Arenas and Stadiums
Office Buildings
Doctor’s Offices
Gas Stations
Retail and Malls
Airports and Airplanes
Health Clubs
Salons and Barber Shops
Veterinarian’s Offices
Golf Courses
Subways and Trains
Bars and Nightclubs
Movie Theaters
Casinos and Racetracks
Convenience Stores
Hotels and Resorts