rVue’s success is based on its relationships with Digital Location Video networks.US_Network_Partners Networks are our partners. It is their ingenuity in building new, effective venues and locations to intercept and engage consumers that drives the entire industry. rVue provides a high-level view and access to our network partners across country. In this way advertisers benefit from a combination of locations, venues, and networks to build the optimal media plan. Our client services dramatically reduce the workload on advertisers and agencies, facilitating and encouraging the use of Digital Location Video.

rVue does not own any networks. There is no fee and no obligation required to partner with us. We don’t interfere with existing relationships between clients and networks. We simply want to represent all networks accurately so if their attributes fit an advertiser’s media plan – they are in the buy.

We’re the largest and best single source of Digital Location Video networks. Contact us today to join.